Resort Overview


Beginning in 1994 with trading and export, Sinouk Coffee unveiled Lao coffee to the global market. To fulfil his dream bringing the world closer to Lao coffee, our founder, Mr Sinouk Sisombat began the transformation of part of our plantation on the famed Bolaven Plateau into a resort. It aims to welcome visitors and promote the beauty of the unique land, becoming the driver and key landmark for Coffee Tourism in Laos.


Located 80km from the Southern city of Pakse, Sinouk Coffee Resort is nestled in the heart of the Bolaven Plateau. Originally operating purely as a coffee plantation, the Resort still retains the best of parts of its natural environment—tranquility, cool temperatures and fresh air.


The Resort is comprised of three chalets, housing a total of 18 rooms. A fourth building houses the reception, the Sala Restaurant and one of our 15 Cafe Sinouk chains throughout the country. Facilities on the property include a gorgeous hand-carved swimming pool, lush gardens and of course, our coffee plantation.

Vision and Mission

Nature has gifted Laos with marvelous lands gathering all the best conditions to grow excellent coffee.


We aim to become the preferred Lao Coffee Brand and driver for the creation of prosperity for the Lao Coffee Industry. By becoming the flagship brand of Lao Coffee, we aim to contribute to tourism in Southern Laos and become the leaders of Lao coffee tourism.


Four Pillars of the Sinouk Guest Experience


Beyond warm hospitality, Sinouk Coffee Resort aims to provide more diverse guest experience by offering activities, excursions and tours which you may browse from the snapshots of various activities in this booklet.


We wish you an enjoyable stay with us in charming Southern Laos.

— Sinouk Resort Team