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Sinouk Resort The Sala Restaurant
Sinouk Resort The Sala Restaurant

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Cafe Sinouk Coffee Resort
Cafe Sinouk Coffee Resort

Sinouk Resort The Sala Restaurant
Sinouk Resort The Sala Restaurant

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Sinouk Resort The Sala Restaurant
Sinouk Resort The Sala Restaurant

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Coffee Plantation

The Sinouk Coffee Plantation is literally your front yard! Step out of your comfortable guestroom and take a stroll through our garden and plantation. If you’re lucky, you may run into our founder, Mr. SInouk, on one of his routine trips to the resort.


From a healthy and happy local community that work and live on our plantation, to sustainable and ethical practices that produce organic-certified coffee beans—we want to share all that we do with the world here at Sinouk Coffee Resort!

Sinouk Resort Coffee Plantaton Laos
Sinouk Resort Coffe Gallery

Coffee Gallery

Acquaint yourself with the history, production and fun facts about coffee at our Coffee Gallery! At the direction of Mr Sinouk and his expertise, the gallery is designed to educate even those with the least coffee knowledge. It is also perfect for families with curious young children to learn something outside the traditional classroom!

Opening hours: 7am to 9:30pm, Daily


Sinouk Gardens

With a passion for landscaping, Mr Sinouk Sisombat direct the formation of the quaint and beautifully maintained Sinouk Gardens. Breathe in the freshness of the Bolaven Plateau from your very own doorstep!

Pick up one of our very own Sinouk Photo Trail Map from our reception and begin a leisurely stroll through our garden. Stop at the highlight photo spots and snap a memory of your travels!

Read more about the Sinouk Photo Trail here


Outdoor Pool

With a cascading man-made mini waterfall, the outdoor pool of our resort is the perfect spot to snap an Instagram-worthy photo to show off your travels. 

Opening hours................................. 7am to 5pm

Towels..............................................Free for guests. Available at the poolside or reception

Poolside snacks........................7:30am to 5pm





From (USD)

Sinouk Coffee Resort

Thateng Market


Sinouk Coffee Resort

Paksong City/Yamamoto Farm/Paksong Highland Plantation


Sinouk Coffee Resort

Tad Lo Village/Waterfall


Sinouk Coffee Resort

Tad Yuang/Tad Fane Waterfall


Pakse International Airport/Pakse Downtown

Sinouk Coffee Resort


Sinouk Coffee Resort

Wat Phou


Sinouk Coffee Resort

La Folie Lodge


Sinouk Coffee Resort

Champasak – The River Resort


Sinouk Coffee Resort

Si Phan Don: Nakasang (4,000 Islands)


Sinouk Coffee Resort

Khon Phaheng Falls


* Airport transfers are charged one-way

We can customize excursions for you based on your destination!


In-house Services




20,000 LAK per kg

Before 10am (same-day return)

After 10am (next day return)


B/W – 10,000 LAK per piece

Color – 40,000 LAK per piece

Picnic Box

80,000 LAK (10USD)

Lunch (rice + one dish)

Fruits, water, 1 sachet of drip coffee

Room service

Available upon request

Late checkout

Until 2PM – Free

After 2PM – 100,000 LAK per hour

*Always upon availability