Experiences on the Bolaven


Get to know the iconic city of Southern Laos

Sinouk Coffee Resort – Wat Phou – Buddha Viewpoint – Pakse Airport

Wat Phou (aka “mountain temple”) is a UNESCO world heritage site built during the late 10th to 11th century, making it older than the famous Angkor Wat. The Golden Buddha Viewpoint gives you the best panoramic view of the city and Mekong River.



A half-day homegrown experience

Sinouk Coffee Resort – Yamamoto Strawberry Farm – Paksong Highland Plantation – Flower Garden – Sinouk Coffee Resort/Pakse Airport


An easy half-day tour, the Paksong Sightseeing Loop takes you on a journey to visit nearby attractions such as the Yamamoto Strawberry Farm, Paksong Highland Plantations (where you can have cup of coffee on an elevated platform while enjoying the view) and Flower Garden.



Behind the scenes of Lao coffee

Our decades in the coffee industry and long-standing relationships with the locals gives you insider-access to the hidden sights of coffee production on the Bolaven. Visit vast plantations and processing factories at work while stopping by some of the Bolaven's iconic waterfalls!


Explore Southern Laos in a day

Sinouk Coffee Resort – Yamamoto Strawberry Farm – Paksong Highland Plantation – Flower Garden – Tad Yuang & Tad Fane – Buddha Viewpoint – Pakse Airport


This tour takes you to the essential places in Paksong and Pakse. Explore the Bolaven Plateau's charms from strawberries, flowers to coffee. Then, break for lunch at a majestic waterfall village before continuing back to Pakse. Enjoy a panoramic view of the city and before boarding your next flight at Pakse International Airport.



Explore Southern Laos in a day

Join the local women in their daily harvesting work and learn about coffee hands-on. The chance to interact with these skilled ladies also makes for a memorable local experience that you won't find elsewhere.

Built right on top of our plantation, coffee trees are right within walking distance. In the seasons of October to November, the cherries are red and ripe for picking.



Explore Southern Laos in a day

Full day:

Tad Moun Waterfalls – MMC Coffee farm – Laven village – Souay Ethnic village – Lao Ngam Local Market

Half day:

Ban Beng – Tad Moun Waterfalls – MMC Coffee farm

Immerse yourself in the magic and history of the Bolaven Plateau. From swimming in waterfalls to coffee plantations, and to visiting the villages from which the Plateau got its name—this tour takes you on an exciting journey you will never forget. A unique and iconic experience, this tour is a customer favourite!



Experience a thrilling adventure (half-day)

Drop-off and pick-up service available here


Upon arrival at Tad Fane, prepare for an easy 10-minute trek through great forest before reaching the first cable. Experience extended flights through the jungle with the longest zipline of 400m. Its speed, its felt infinity, the proximity to the usually invisible upper stratum of the forest is an amazing and unforgettable experience.

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