Behind Sinouk Coffee Resort


Education is the corner stone of a country’s development. Sinouk Coffee supports the school fees for our plantation farmers’ children in Thateng Village and continuously supports schools in Sekong Province with donations.

Ethical Supply

Sinouk Coffee trades directly with farmers and smallholders not just for quality control, but to connect these parties with global buyers and ensure they receive a fair price. 

The coffee served at the Resort and all 15 of our cafes follow the strict organic IFOAM requirements. 

Diversity, Inclusivity and Empowerment

80-percent of the staff at Sinouk Coffee Resort are local women. Some are young, some are married, and some are mothers. The Resort provides men and women equal opportunities to access management positions and responsibilities. Such are the cases of Mr. Phet (Front Office Manager) and Ms. Toula (Restaurant and Property Manager).


We accompany them in their path to become leaders, and give them room to grow in a favorable environment, at their own  pace.

Social Responsibility

By highlighting the Bolaven Plateau as a coffee tourism destination, Sinouk aims to create stimulate economic activity, create jobs and train local talents for tourism development.

Upcoming Plans

New public bathrooms accessible from the Sala Restaurant

This upgrade has been a long time coming! Until now, guests have been using the bathrooms in their guestrooms. But we understand this can be pretty inconvenient. By the personal direction of Mr Sinouk himself, we have commenced building a bathroom accessible from the Reception and Sala Restaurant.

Outdoor cooking with local chefs!

After introducing 5 new in-house activities, we still have tons up our sleeve! Cooking classes are one of the upcoming activities we have in store.  We are preparing an exciting list of recipes to teach during the classes. All participants will take home a recipe booklet so that the deliciousness of Lao cuisine can be enjoyed no matter where you are in the world!

Community Involvement

Sinouk Coffee Lao Coffee Farmers Meeting

Apart from providing employment to the village of LakKhao where the Resort is located, Sinouk Coffee Resort actively engages with the community.

Mr Sinouk and Ms Sirina, founder and Managing Director of Sinouk Coffee, pay frequent visits to the local farmers, villagers and smallholders. Sinouk Coffee makes it a priority to ensure that workers at the beginning of the coffee value chain receive a fair price for their goods. We also actively help to connect these farmers with global buyers and protecting their share of the revenue.

In August 2019, Sinouk Coffee Resort hosted a group of students from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the National University. There, they were educated on all aspects of the coffee value chain. Fun activities conducted for them include a tour of the Resort's gallery and plantation and a coffee tasting session.

Sinouk Coffee Resort also takes responsibility for our environmental footprint as much as possible. Earlier this year in March, the staff organised a full-blown Resort clean-up. In a single day, a team of 15 staff members scoured the vast property picking litter and tidying up the natural landscape. Later in the year, we put up signs throughout the gardens and plantation